Posted: 25/02/2019

The maternity unit at North Tees has launched an appeal for volunteers to knit special red woollen hats for term babies who need extra care.

The delivery suite at the University Hospital of North Tees has a new initiative aimed at reducing the number of term babies admitted to the neonatal unit.

The unit assesses all babies at birth and those needing extra monitoring wear a red hat to raise awareness to both staff and parents.

It is hoped this will help reduce the number of term babies from being cold or having low blood sugar levels, which then can lead to them being admitted to the neonatal unit.

Staff also encourage new mums to maintain close skin to skin contact to ensure bonding at the first stages of a baby’s life.

Michelle Matchett, Professional Midwifery Advocate, said: “We are appealing to any fantastic knitters out there who can help us. These woollen hats will help highlight to staff and parents in the unit to be mindful if a baby is being more closely monitored. It’s something we hope will improve outcomes for term babies.”

The initiative, which started in January, is part of the National Maternal and Neonatal Health Safety Collaborative which the trust is leading on regionally to improve care for women and babies.

If you can help please contact or call the delivery suite on 01642 382718.

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