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Organisation: General     Date Posted: 02/12/2021

Opportunity: Branch Teasurer Volunteer

Opportunity Code: VH104-10072

Closing Date to Apply: -

Organisation welcomes between 300- - 400 seafarers a month, offering financial, recreational, welfare, communication, transportation and retail services.

By providing these services at this organisation seeks to alleviate the loneliness, isolation and stress experienced by seafarers working in one of the most hostile environment's, the sea.

The Branch Treasurer leads on all things financial within the branch. Working closely with the Centre Manager, you will:
Accurately record financial policies, internal control and the appropriate funds.
Accurately record financial activity.
Provide regular reports to the committee on the financial status of the branch (4 times a year)
Ensure that effective financial policies are in place.
Complete the quarterly VAT return and forward to International Headquarters (HQ) in London.
At the end of the year, compile a detailed income and expenditure account and balance sheet and forward to the committee and IHQ. Compile a more frequent income and expenditure account if circumstances dictate.
Liaise with the Centre Manager and Committee members to ensure the financial viability of the Branch.
Oversee the production of an annual budget for IHQ.
Ensure that the correct records are kept, and that effective financial procedures and controls are in place in respect of:
Cheque Signatories.
Petty Cash.
Bank Reconciliations between Microsoft Money details and the relevant bank statements.
Foreign Currency exchange rates; that they are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
Transmitting seafarers money to their banks cheaply and safely.
Stock control and Telephone cards ect.

Time needed from Volunteer:

Skills Experience & Qualifications:
To fulfil this role you will need:
Financial skills and expertise (Essential)
Knowledge of charity SORP and impending changes (Desirable)
Ability to communicate and explain financial information to Branch Committee Members and other stakeholders (Essential)
Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to attend meetings (Essential)
Strategic vision (Desirable)
Good, Independent Judgement (Essential)
Ability to think creatively (Desirable)
Willingness to speak your mind and to provide challenge to proposals where necessary (Essential)
Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities as a treasurer (Essential)
A team-oriented approach to problem solving and to management (Essential)
Willing to act as the charities ambassador to external bodies, charities and companies (Desirable)

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