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Organisation: General     Date Posted: 26/11/2018

Opportunity: Community Transport volunteer

Opportunity Code: VH104-10114

Closing Date to Apply: -

A regional organisation to support the development of community response, resilience and access to care when it’s needed the most.

The MISSION of this organisation is to provide high quality treatment, care, training and service to their patients, their relatives, students and their commissioners when they need us most.

The Organisations VALUES are to CARE

C - Care for ourselves and others with compassion, kindness, dignity & respect
A - Awareness and openness, demonstrating a learning no blame culture
R - Responsive & reliable to the needs of our patients, their relatives, our customers and each other
E - Effective and safe in all they do

Community Transport volunteers are required to provide transport for non-emergency walking patients to and from hospitals and treatment centres, thereby leaving ambulances available for low mobility patients i.e. wheelchair and stretcher patients and allows ambulance when needed to support with emergency and urgent care transport.

The basic requirements which must be met before being considered as a Volunteer Driver are that the volunteer must be:-

Physically and mentally fit You will be required to assist patients from their home to your car and again to the hospital ward or department and vice versa. There may also be belongings to be carried. A medical questionnaire will need to be completed. This is a confidential document and will be screened by the Occupational Health Department.

Providing first-aid care in line with current protocols and Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards

Driving safety to and from homes and places of care

Completing all paperwork associated with transport delivery

Using communications equipment, if required, in accordance with organisations guidelines, and keeping appropriate records of use.

Time needed from Volunteer:
Availability You will be asked to nominate certain days and times of the week when you will be available for journeys. A volunteer can be available any time of day 7 days a week. Journeys are normally planned on the previous day; however availability on the day will be acceptable.

We would ideally like you to volunteer for at least two shifts a month.

Skills Experience & Qualifications:
Undergo a driving assessment Before being accepted as a volunteer, you will be required to take a driving assessment with a driving instructor from organisation.

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