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Organisation: General     Date Posted: 16/01/2019

Opportunity: Male Suport Worker Volunteer

Opportunity Code: VH104-10118

Closing Date to Apply: -

This role supports children and young people who are looked after by the Local Authority and live in residential care or a foster home. An Independent Visitor (I.V.) is a committed volunteer who provides support and guidance and acts as a role model.

An I.V. supports a child/ young person they are matched with through building a trusting relationship that enables the volunteer to help the young person plan and achieve their own goals.
Above all the role is about spending quality time with a child who needs someone who can listen and guide them without judgement whilst doing fun local activities planned by their IV! From a chat over the Pizza Hut buffet to an afternoon at Seaton arcades. The key part of the role is being a great listener to a young person who is struggling with various issues in their life such as settling into their new foster placement or managing relationships with their siblings, carers and social worker.

Time needed from Volunteer:
You will meet the child or young person twice a month, doing activities together that your match is interested and comfortable trying out.
Because Looked After Children are more likely to have suffered the effects of broken relationships , you need to be able to commit for a minimum of 2 years but what date and time you plan activities is flexible and up to you and your match!
We find many of our volunteers are able to easily fit their visits into their own busy lives due to the flexibility of the role.

Skills Experience & Qualifications:
Experience with children or young people such as working in a school or volunteering at another charity is beneficial it is not essential to the role.
Your values and qualities as a person must fit with our charities mission. We want IV’s that are genuinely caring, compassionate, non-judgemental and able to commit to the role.
Being an IV requires you to be pro-active and organised in arranging visits and contacting your match so good communication skills and confidence is required.

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