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Organisation: General     Date Posted: 11/01/2016

Opportunity: Mentor & Supporter Moving On Project

Opportunity Code: GEN10009

Closing Date to Apply: -

To support long term separated families who are in conflict, which is having an impact on their children. The focus of the project is to help parents overcome the issues of separation and reduce conflict so the children don’t suffer long term.

Your role will be to work with parents to support them to make changes that they have agreed with a practitioner, keeping them motivated and support them through any challenges they may face.
Aim of position:

• To provide follow on support to ensure agreed changes are being made.
• To assist parents overcome challenges and difficulties.
• To assist parents in achieving goals and aspirations.

• Will treat you as an individual without discrimination.
• Will befriend you without assumptions and prejudice.
• Will listen to you without interruption.
• Will encourage you to achieve without demands and expectations.
• Will help you make decisions without dictating.
• Will help you discuss concerns without being judgmental.
• Will help you understand values & morals without promoting their own.
• Will support you whatever the circumstances.
• Will help you to help yourself, but they cannot do it for you!

Time needed from Volunteer:

Skills Experience & Qualifications:
Volunteers come from all walks of life and no specific qualifications are required. The Volunteer Mentoring Project aims to recruit people with potential as well as those with relevant experience and qualifications. Volunteers must be aged 18 or older.
However you should:
•Have the time, enthusiasm and demonstrate willingness to fulfil the role commitment.
•Can relate to separated families.
•Show commitment to families who are facing various challenges.
•Have the ability to accept families as they are.
•Are open to learning and show commitment to self-development.
•Are open and willing to look at themselves, share thoughts about prejudices and personal shortcomings.
•Are able to provide two satisfactory references and comply with police check requirements.

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